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Artificial Hair Implant in Summer

Artificial hair implants have been an important option in the hair restoration and transplantation industry. Artificial hair implant procedures should not be considered hair transplant procedures because other people’s hair or artificial hair is planted on the candidates’ scalp. A standard hair transplant procedure involve extraction of a person’s existing hair follicles to be planted on the same person’s recipient area. Artificial hair implantation can be performed at any time of the year. However, the recovery state of artificial hair implantation jobs may require a specific time of the year.

Dead hair strands from a donor person or artificial hair strands are planted on the scalp of candidates during artificial hair implantation. The procedure itself is completely safe but it can be sometimes inevitable when it comes to getting a hair implant job. Most complications are associated with anesthetic drug administration and your immune system’s reaction to the procedure. If you do not have any serious health condition, you will be just fine during your hair implantation procedure.

As for your immune system’s reaction, after your hair implantation procedure is completed, you will need to rest for a while. During this time, your immune system may target the planted hair strands. Your immune system simply thinks that they may be treated to your body and need to be eliminated. This also happens after most hair transplantation procedures and newly transplanted hair strands sometimes fall out and grow again.

When Should I Get An Artificial Hair Implant?

However, it’s a bit different when it comes to getting a hair implant. Your hair implant does not simply fall out because of an attack like that. That’s why you may experience swelling, pain, and inflammation over your scalp.

The best thing you can do to watch your recovery and your complications and try not to make your scalp sweat. That’s why you can undergo an artificial hair implantation procedure anytime but summertime. You must use hats to cover your head during your recovery. When it’s combined with the hot weather of summer, it is almost inevitable that your scalp will sweat without your control.

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