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Artificial Hair Implant on Necrosis

There are thousands of different types o skin diseases. They can be caused by diseases, accidents, or hereditary factors. For example, skin necrosis is a disease in which some parts of a person’s skin die because of other diseases, accidents, or medical procedures. Skin necrosis can rarely be seen on people who have recently had a hair transplantation procedure or a cosmetic procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck.

So can we undergo a hair transplant or artificial hair implant procedure on the skin necrosis area? Or is it possible for doctors to treat skin necrosis? How bad skin necrosis could be and what could be the real reasons for it? Let’s take a look.

Skin necrosis can not be treated with any natural or surgical way. Once your skin dies, it dies. For example, it has happened in the past that people suffered from areal skin necrosis on their scalps after hair transplantation procedures. Unskilled surgeons and hair transplant patients who were not that eligible are the main reasons for skin necrosis on the scalp.

So, what can we do about skin necrosis? Since nothing alive can grow out of your skin necrosis area, you need to reconsider your options which do not include anything alive. For example, artificial hair implants can be implanted on the skin necrosis area on the scalp. However, these procedures can be very risky and patients may suffer from serious infections if they are not considered eligible for them by their surgeons.

Artificial hair wigs are the best options for those who suffered from areal skin necrosis. People are generally suggested not to interfere with their skin necrosis area. Skin necrosis areas do not threaten one’s overall health. However, if skin tissue takes more external damage, the necrosis may spread through the other places on the scalp.

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