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Artificial Hair Implant Packages In Turkey

Artificial hair transplant has been a rising trend among people who would like to have a considerable amount of hair density on their heads. There are lots of reasons for hair loss. However, there is no cure for any kind of hair loss. One of the hair transplant procedures including artificial hair implants do not treat hair loss. Turkey, the mainland of hair transplant procedures in the world, has rising fame in the aesthetic industry. Every type of hair transplant procedure can be performed in the Turkish soil. Especially artificial hairs have been a trend in the Turkish aesthetic industry. Just like all the other aesthetic procedures they perform, artificial implant packages in Turkey are meant to be sold to tourists who would like to come to the country for such operations.

Artificial hair implants are not made of your existing hair follicles or hair strands. They can be taken from someone else or made of synthetic fibers. Today’s artificial hair implants are very successful at giving a natural look to patients. Since the world has been shattered because of the COVID-19 crisis for the last 5 months, aesthetic tourism ( health tourism ) has also taken a good hit from this crisis. However, the complete normalization actions have been taken by January, 1. Aesthetic clinics are not allowed to operate their business within the rules the government determines.

How Much is Artificial Hair Implant in Turkey?

Turkish clinics are already famous for their cheap prices for aesthetic services. They sell all of their aesthetic procedures in packages to tourists who would like to visit the country for health tourism purposes.

Airport transportation fees, hotel expenses and the cost of procedures are covered with the package money meaning that they pay once for the package and they are not expected to pay a single dime after that.

The Turkish economy has been very fragile since the currency crisis that happened in summer 2018. The prices for aesthetic procedures have greatly reduced and they are expected to reduce even more during the normalization process. You better find a good Turkish clinic these days and make your dreams come true!

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