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Artificial Hair Implantation Process

Hair loss can occur as a result of many reasons. For this, you can be diagnosed with different types of hair loss from other ones. The most common hair loss type is male pattern hair loss. I am sorry to say this but there is no way for your own hair to regrow you if you have a male pattern loss. But, don’t worry there are several solutions to this problem. One of them is the hair transplantation method, and the other one is artificial hair implant. If hair transplantation is not an option for you, this article right for you because I’ll give a short review of Artificial Hair Implant.

In the Artificial Hair Implant, you can choose real or synthetic hair strands to be used on your heads. But you should know that the prices are generally based on what the hair strands are produced of. So, real hair strands may be more expensive than synthetic hair strands. Although synthetic hair strands cheaper than real ones, they are one of the best options that provide a natural appearance.

Features of Synthetic and Real Hair

When we compare the synthetic hair and real hair used in artificial hair implants, we can say that both of them have some features in common. Let’s list their similarities and differences.

  • Both synthetic and real hair lose durability as time passes by. There is nothing to be done about synthetic hair other than cutting the damaged hair strands. Sooner or later, synthetic hair should be replaced with a new one.
  • An artificial hair made of real hair alose loses durability during the time. However, to make the deformation happen slower, there are some chemicals and supportive gels that can be used on real artificial hair.
  • Both artificial hair types are generally preferred by those who don’t have enough have hair density on their donor area which is needed for a real hair transplantation procedure. They are also considered the best solution for those who have male pattern baldness, meaning their hair is predisposed to fall out no matter what they do to prevent this from happening.
  • Artificial hair can be called wigs that are planted on the head. However, there will be no sensation of hair roots because they are not really alive hair follicles that are fed directly from the scalp.

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