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Bald Spots After DHI

There are hundreds of complications that can be associated with hair transplantation procedures like DHI or FUE. For example, some people complain that they experienced bald spots after DHI procedures. Bald spots are not exactly what you think they are. Most people think that possible bald spots on their scalp mean that something went wrong with their DHI procedures. However, this is a common and wrong thought because a specific type of hair loss occurs some time after hair transplantation procedures, even after a perfect one like direct hair implant.

This type of hair loss called a shock hair loss and every person experience it differently, some people may not even experience a single hair shed caused bu shock hair loss. Shock hair loss should be concluded as your immune system’s reaction to your direct hair implant procedure. No matter how advanced DHI is, the microchannels opened on your scalp, and the hair follicles extraction process makes your immune system think that your body is under attack.

Your hair follicles will mostly survive from these attacks. However, the external part of your scalp, which is your hair strands, in summary, your hair as you see it, will start falling out. Most of your planted hair strands will fall out but this type of hair loss is temporary and your hair density will increase in time.

Bald spots after DHI are results of shock loss that hit your hair. You may not be so sure if there will be more and bigger bald spots on your scalp but you should know that these spots will probably grow hair from the planted hair follicles on your scalp.

Your doctor has the best information about your situation. It is for your own best to consult your hair transplantation surgeon for your hair transplant-related problems.

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