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BioFibre Hair Implant

Bio fiber or biofibre hair implant is an alternative to real hair transplantation procedures. A standard bio fiber hair implantation procedure involves the plantation of synthetic fibers which look like real hair strands. These artificial hair strands are planted on the scalp area where the person’s been suffering from hair loss.

Just like all the other aesthetic procedures, there are pros and cons of bio fiber hair implant procedures. There may be also different reasons for a person to consider getting a bio fiber hair implantation procedure. Since it’s not a real hair transplantation procedure, hair care is also different than them. Let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics of bio fiber implant and make a discussion on what the differences between real hair transplantations and bio fiber implants are.

Pros and Cons of BioFibre Hair Implant

If you have a chance to get a real hair transplantation procedure, we suggest you get it. No other options can provide you the best natural results that you would like to see on your head. Bio fiber implants are generally preferred by those who are not qualified for a real transplantation procedure for certain reasons. The most common reason for that is the donor area of the person does not have enough hair density needed for a good hair transplant procedure.

You may need to take extra care to your synthetic hair strands because they are not fed from the scalp directly, they are synthetic hair strands made of fiber and attached to your scalp without any living tissue on them. Some of them may take damage during the time and may require replacements after some considerable amount of time passed.

Synthetic hair strands may be targeted by your scalp and immune system. They can be seen as a threat to your body and you may experience inflections and inflammation over your scalp area. This does not happen at a particular time, it may happen any time so you should always be prepared for such results.

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