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Cold Shower Baldness

People mostly think that a hot shower is the most beneficial one. It is true that a hot shower makes you feel relaxed and increases your body activities and good for the lungs. However, cold shower benefits are also so many. Most people do not like cold shower because it is very hard to expose your body to cold water because of the harsh cold. You also feel like you’re drowning when you’re suddenly exposed to cold water, this is also one of the main reasons that make people hesitant about cold shower.

A cold shower has many benefits, including muscle repair acceleration. When you work out a lot or feel tired after so much work, your muscles are rapidly repaired and refreshed when you take a cold shower. People mostly think that a hot shower is the best after work-out however, it’s a common misconception. The sauna effect only relaxes your body and mind, its benefits are not so many as a cold shower.

The best thing about the cold shower is mostly associated with its benefits over hair follicles. Your hair follicles are tightened with a cold shower, meaning that your hair loss is reduced. Hair follicles fall more when your scalp is too moisturized. A cold shower also decreases the moisture level on your scalp.

Hair follicles may fall because they’re too dry or moisturized. You need to keep the oil balance on your scalp and the best way to do this is to balance the frequence of your showers. If you take shower too often, this will increase dryness on your scalp. If you do not take shower so often, this will increase the scalp oil on your head.

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