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COVID-19 and Hair Transplant Failure

An ordinary person is not expected to know what could possibly cause his hair loss. If you wash your hair so often, this would even cause you to experience a considerable hair loss. So what should be done before considering getting hair transplantation is look for some basic information about hair and its structure. There could be several reasons behind your hair loss. Once you figure out the reason behind your balding head, you are good to get your dream hair transplant procedure. However, you can’t simply ignore the relationship between COVID-19 and hair transplant failure.

If you got your hair transplant procedure just before the COVID-19 outbreak and are spending your days at home, you should know that you are simply on the edge. Your doctor does not even allow you to have sex during your early recovery from your hair transplant wounds. What happens if you’re infected by COVID-19? The disease makes all of your health conditions worse and your lungs are its primary target. Besides, remember that almost every person who recently had a hair transplant experience a massive hair fall-out during their early recovery.

How Can COVID-19 Damage My Hair Transplant

The reason behind this is about your immune system which attacks your hair follicles targeting them as a threat to your body. The lost hair grows again in this situation but considering that your immune system can even make all of your transplanted hair fall out with a single attack, you can’t imagine what could COVID-19 do to your hair transplant during its symptoms…

Since you are not allowed to go outside within the first days of your hair transplant recovery, we think that this will not go so hard for you. You should lock yourself at home not only for the success of your hair transplant but also for your own overall health. Consume every constructive food like fruits and vegetables as your doctor asks and stay away from sunlight!

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