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Does Hot Water Damage Hair?

Hot water is a remedy for many problems for sure. It relaxes your lungs and your whole body metabolism. Hot water is preferred mostly when people return to their homes from work. It prepares you for a quite good sleep by relaxing your muscles.

However, how water may not be so perfect as you think it is. For example, it is true that it relaxes your body, rather muscles, but it does not help your body repair your muscles, at least it does not do that as much as cold water does. There are numerous rumors about hair care and hot water relationship. So, does hot water damage hair? Let’s take a look.

Hot water does not cause further hair loss unless you take a hot water shower so often. It will loosen your hair follicle channels and cause further hair loss. If you want to prevent further hair loss, you need to do things that can tighten the roots of your hair follicles.

The best way to tighten your hair follicles is to take a cold water shower instead of the hot one. Cold water can be a bit annoying when it’s compared to hot water, however, its benefits over hair loss prevention can not be ignored.

Cold water does not only tighten your hair follicles’ roots but also help your body repair your muscles at the end of the day. Muscle repair is important because the tiredness and the muscle damage of the day should not be left to tomorrow.

However, just like the hot water example, you should not take cold water shower so often, as well. The frequent shower will cause further hair loss because of the extra dryness on the scalp. Scalp oil does not like too much water on the head. Oily hair is always better than a dryness situation on the head.

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