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Hair Follicle Cloning

People always underestimate the real value of hair follicles on their bodies. A hair follicle is the smallest organ in your body. Each has its own characteristics which means that they may reach different to environmental changes or medical treatments. Some of them are strong ones which do not fall whatever happens, while some fall even at young ages. That’s why people always wonder if there is any hair follicle cloning procedure for strong hair follicles.

It is true that there have been rumors for hair follicle cloning researches but many of them failed their initial attempts and experts said that hair follicles cloning is not easy to perform. Scientists claim that it could take years to fully conduct a hair follicle cloning procedure without any trouble.

Each hair follicle on our scalps has 2-4 hair strands. This generally depends on the ethnicity of people. For example, Asian people have 1-2 hair follicles on their scalps but they have more hair follicles than Western people. That’s why many people think that Asian people have more hair. Since Asians have more hair follicles, this provides a good hair density look on their faces.

There are many types of hair follicles on our bodies. For example, hair follicles from the back of your head and one from your chest are completely different than each other. Hair follicles from the back of the head are considered the strongest hair follicles on the body. Unlike them, hair follicles on the chest area are weak ones and have different characteristics. Body hair does not grow too long as the hair follicles on the scalp do.

That’s why scientists have been trying to clone several types of hair follicles. Scalp hair is their priority because people really want to get rid of the oldest men’s problem, male pattern baldness…

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