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Hair Transplant Failure Rate

Even today, in the 2020’s world, people have prejudice and anxiety over ost of the aesthetic procedures. It is so hard to convince people for aesthetic procedures because they easişy become anxious when they witness a single aesthetic failure job. They have a right to feel that way so because everyone thinks that there is a chance of being the next in such a situation. This is the same for hair transplantation procedures as well. Because it has happened in the past that there were hair transplant failure cases caused by both poor aftercare of patients or unskilled surgeons. However, the hair transplant failure rate has greatly decreased for the last years.

There may be millions of reasons for a hair transplant procedure to fail. People have a bad habit to blame aesthetic surgeons all the time for all the failed jobs. However, aesthetic procedure patients have the hardest part when it comes to taking care of their body after procedures. For example, a hair transplant procedure requires one of the best aftercare if candidates do not want to make their hair transplant fail. Even sex life should be stopped for the first two weeks of the recovery. Some people can put it a pause and do what they want ignoring the things that their surgeons said to them. And in some cases, a hair transplant failure almost becomes inevitable.

What Makes A Hair Transplant Fail

There is something that people still do not know about a hair transplant procedure and there will be always people who will keep ignoring this situation as well. When you get your hair transplant, your transplanted hair follicles will grow a bit then fall out. Yes, they will fall out because your immune system will target them and make them fall out. This does not mean that your hair transplant has failed.

Your hair strands will definitely grow again after some time. The experts say that your hair transplant’s full recovery will need up to 9 months. During this time, your hair density will gradually increase. Forcing your scalp to sweat, washing your hair during the early days of recovery, exposing your scalp to sunlight are the common things that make a hair transplant fail.

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