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Hair Transplant Itching

There may be several reasons for a type of itching on your body. For example, a mosquito bites you, drain your blood and you experience a really annoying itching because of the bite for some time. There is a plant called nettle which causes itching after you touch it or interact with it. Thorny plants may hurt you and cause slight injuries on your skin which could result in minimal bleeding and tissue damage. And you may experience a kind of itching after your injury. Hair transplant itching is generally similar to those above. When your body is injured, you may experience itching during your recovery from that injury for some reason.

Itching because of hair transplants generally means that you are healing from your wounds. Itching caused by a mosquito bite is very similar to the one occurring after a hair transplant. Mosquito saliva contains some proteins and anticoagulants that trigger your immune system. Your immune system immediately sends histamine to your itching area. Histamine causes an inflammatory effect on your injured area.

Is Itching Harmful To My Hair Transplant?

Every hair follicle on your scalp is considered an independent organ. They are extracted and planted individually. Your immune system sometimes gets confused ant may attack your scalp thinking that your hair follicles are dangerous to your body. These attacks cause temporary hair loss when the body heals your scalp.

You will definitely experience scabbing over your hair transplant area. Since you’re also administered with histamine by your immune system, itching also becomes inevitable over your scabbing area. However, you should not touch or try to remove your scabbing because you may endanger the safety of your hair transplant. You will already get rid of your scabbing after it’s done with its protection job. They will fall out when they completely heal your skin.

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