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Haircare After Artificial Hair Implantation

If you want to get some real hair on your scalp again, you need to give so much attention to haircare after the artificial hair implantation. Most people think that the success rate of a hair implantation procedure always depends on surgeon skills. It is true that the most important thing is your surgeon in such a case, however, your post-surgery hair care is the real element here.

There are a couple of things that every person who’s been suffering from hair loss should know. The hair implantation procedure does not involve plantation of real hair follicles. Synthetic fibers are used in such procedures, which means that they are not really alive hair follicles.

Since you will not have real hair follicles on your hair implantation area, you will not have to take care of them as you take care of your real hair. Since they will not grow as real hairdo, you should be okay with living with the same hair length on your scalp. You can get it cut for a buzz head hairstyle, however, you should prefer advanced and high-end hairdressers for such stuff because once something goes wrong, there will be no turning back.

Your surgeon will suggest you some chemicals and hair care products made for hair implantation care. You can use them to take care of your implants after the procedure. You will also have some products for permanent use. You should not use any kind of products that were not prescripted bu your doctor.

If you do not want to suffer from severe complications, you need to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions. It is very hard to get infection in artificial hair implantation procedures but it does happen. You should also limit your movements inside or outside your house. If you walk too often, the risks for swelling highly increases.

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