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Is My Hairline Thinning?

You may ask yourself this question sometimes: “Is my hairline thinning?”. There may be a couple of reasons for such a question. You may see lots of hair strands on your hands after taking a shower or washing your hair. However, you can’t be so sure if you’re suffering from a hair loss unless you clearly see a receding hairline.

There is a rest period for your hair. Your hair follicles enter a rest phase in every 3 years. This rest period takes 3 months to finish. During this time, your scalp loses more hair than usual every day. However, after this 3 month period, your scalp recovers its losses.

Many hair loss types like male pattern baldness hit people when they’re in rest phase. The lost hair follicles can not be recovered completely because of this terrible hair loss type and some of them are permantly lost.

There is a good way to find out if you’re suffering from a hair loss or not. You already know of this method but it’s still the best way. You can simply check your older photos and compare them recent ones. You can see if there’s any difference in your hairline.

If you want to deal with a possible hair loss on your scalp, you need to first see a doctor and consider your options. It is true that you can decrease the hair loss speed but there is no certain way to completely make hair loss disappear.

There are a couple of ways to fight against hair loss but none of them involve creation of new hair follicles. You can have new and real hair on your hair loss areas with a hair transplantation procedure but this does not mean that your scalp will have new hair follicles on your donor area. It’s a transplantation job, they just change the location of your hair follicles.

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