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Nourishing Conditioners After Hair Transplantation

It can be a very hard decision to make when it comes to getting a hair transplantation procedure. People always look for some natural remedies when it comes to thinking about some medical conditions like hair loss. However, not all people are so lucky to solve their hair loss problem with natural methods. When some people end up with hair transplant surgery, they still have something to do about their problems after the procedure. For example, nourishing conditioners after hair transplantation is very famous for post-surgery hair care.

Nourishing conditioners increase scalp oil production. It’s good for scalps that are not capable of producing enough oil. Scalp oil is essential for hair follicles because they feed themselves from this special oil. Otherwise, their roots will loosen and they will start falling.

Dryness is one of the worst enemies of the scalp. there may be several reasons for dryness on your scalp. The scalp may suffer from a kind of skin disease that causes dryness on it or the scalp may not produce enough scalp oil needed for its moisturization.

In most cases, dryness is caused by intense hair wash because people think that the more they wash their hair, the better for them. This is a common urban legend because intense hair wash is actually harmful to hair follicles. Especially if you use hot water in the bath, it will loosen your hair follicles.

Intense hair washes with hot water will definitely cause extra hair loss. You should try cold water sometimes because cold water will tighten your hair follicles. If you do not do any of these and still suffer from dryness, you need to support your scalp with nourishing conditioners with moisturizing effect.

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