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Post-Hair Transplantation Hair Wash

When it comes to talking about a thinning hair situation, even the dumbest things may seem reasonable to people who suffer from a type of hair loss. A hair loss like male pattern baldness is a nightmare to men and unfortunately, there is no cure for it. Even all balding people know that there is no cure for any kind of hair loss, they still want to believe every different word which is associated with so-called hair loss cure…

However, most of these people end up with a hair transplantation procedure, the best and certain solution for hair loss. Those who manage to get a good hair transplant procedure should be very careful after their operation. For example, post-hair transplantation hair wash is an important subject in which people are very impatient.

Your body has a feature that makes your blood clots after bleeding. After that, you will see scabs over your damaged skin. This is the same in the hair transplant procedures as well. Since every hair follicle is an individual organ, their plantation areas on the scalp may bleed individually. This means that you may see lots of scabs over your hair transplantation area. It’s a good thing because scabs not only stop bleeding but also protect your exposed or damaged skin from harmful microorganisms during its heal.

When to Wash My Hair?

It’s actually very easy to figure it. You observe your scabs over your scalp. You should not touch your scabs, interfere with them, or the worse one, remove them. Your scabs will fall out after they’re down with their job.

So when to wash your hair? It’s always best to wash your hair when your scabs start to drop off. Don’t grab and pull your hair strands, give them a massage. This means that your scalp skin is ready to expose itself to outside. However, you should still keep your scalp away from sunlight for a long time.

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