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Touching Grafts After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant candidates need to be extra careful after their procedures. It is a fact that most of the hair transplant patients tend to touch their grafts sometime after their procedures. However, touching grafts after hair transplant could be very dangerous because the early hair transplant recovery is the most important period that determines the fate of the hair transplant success.

Your hands have microorganisms and little gems that you can’t get rid of by simply washing your hands. If you have a surgical wound on your body, you need to stay your hands away from it. There are numerous complications associated with hair transplant surgery. However, if you touch your transplanted hair strands with your hand, you will highly increase the risk of infection, which is the worst complication ever.

A possible infection over your scalp is not a simple thing. Once your scalp is infected, every one of your hair follicles suffers from the same infection. You would not want to see how an infected scalp looks like after a hair transplant procedure. It is very hard to save your transplanted hair follicles from infection. The risk of a complete hair transplant fail is too high if you suffer from an infection on your scalp. However, infection after a hair transplant is very rare but it does happen if patients do not take good care of their scalp.

In some cases, some hair transplant patients complain about severe itching in their surgical area. Itching is actually an indicator of your scalp’s healing process. If you suffer from slight and areal itching on your scalp, it’s not a big deal. However, if you suffer from a severe itching that makes you scratch your scalp, it’s probably getting dangerous for you.

In such situations, you should consult your doctor and ask for some prescription drugs, lotions, and creams. No matter how severe itching you have, you should not touch or scratch your scalp during your recovery.

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