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Using Clippers After Artificial Hair Implantation

Most experts say that the best way to see some hair on your scalp is a possible real hair transplantation procedure. It is true without any doubt, however, not all the people are eligible for a real hair transplantation procedure. This is why artificial hair implantation procedures have been a trend these days. However, some people may not seem so natural with artificial hair implants in a longer size. That’s why some people may want to reduce the size of their artificial hair implants. However, using clippers after artificial hair implantation can be dangerous for both the safety of your implantation and your appearance.

Since artificial hair implants are not like real hair strands, they do not grow like the real ones. You are going to choose a certain length for your artificial hair implant and live with that forever However, you may want to reconsider your opinion about the length of your hair implants.

This is actually when people start thinking about getting a haircut on their implants. Some think that it is for their own best to perform their haircut job on their own. However, this is some risk you should not take. Your artificial hair implants are not alive, they will not grow any longer. So if you make any mistake while cutting your implants with clippers, there will be no coming back.

It is always best to visit a good hairdresser and tell him/her about your situation. It is for your own good to get your job done by a real hair specialist. The worst thing about artificial hair implants is a possible future restoration ( repair ) job. Besides, you will have to wait for a long time to fully recover from your artificial hair implantation procedure.

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