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Weak Donor Area in Hair Transplant

There are millions of people with millions of different body characteristics, especially their hair. A person may have curly, straight, wavy hair. Their hair strands can be either thick or thin. The number of hair follicles can be different, and the number of hair strands for every hair follicle can also be different.

Some hair types tend to fall and a balding person may start thinking of a hair transplant procedure because of that. However, there is one important eligibility requirement for hair transplantation surgery. Your donor area needs to have a good amount of hair follicles on it. Weak donor area in hair transplant is a common problem and badly affects the eligibility for the procedures.

There are some other eligibility requirements for a hair transplant. For example, the age does not matter so much but it is always best to be in the middle ages for a good hair transplant. Those who are too young or too old should not undergo hair transplant procedures. People with diabetes and serious skin diseases should avoid such procedures because there is no guarantee that they will not suffer from a severe complication.

It has happened in the past that, some patients suffered from an exhausted donor area situation because surgeons overharvested their donor area. A surgeon should make the best calculations for the hair follicle extraction process.

Most surgeons manage to make accurate calculations over donor area, however, most exhausted donor area situations are a result of some surgeons’ greed. They do not want to mention the possible risks of excess hair follicles extraction and perform the procedures anyway.

In order to suffer from such incidents, you need to find the best hair transplant surgeon for your situation. Use the internet and make a detailed search over it to find a suitable hair transplant surgeon.

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